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Assalamualaikum. I was concerned that was happening in my beloved country INDONESIA . Why are cases of sexual violence in early childhood so much ? Apah the Government doing to deal with so damage to the nation's next ? they are just silent , without blocking porn sites sites . Where humanely in today's youth ! 14 men rape one 14 year old girl in rotation ? STATE beloved Indonesia so cruel ! There is no punishment for offenders under the age of 17 Years ? Why ? Since the law in INDONESIA was Blunt Above Down Sharply in ! What is the meaning of that word? They Officials / Rule of Law they are only aggravating the photo capable , while for those who can afford it is not hard right ! where identity NATIONS me ? We Rabbit Security Team Security Distributing & Sulawesi I.T our voice for the world to know that what is happening in our country :(

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